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Shanghai LIYOU Translation Co., Ltd (LIYOU Translation) employs more than 2000 qualified translation talents, of whom above 80% graduate from famous universities, holding master’s or doctor’s diplomas, and above 50% have overseas study background.

All qualified translation talents of LIYOU take advantages on both language and professional background, having worked as translators for more than 5 years on average with more than one million words being translated. Professional translation services provided by the company mainly involve in fields such as communication, IT, automobiles, machine, petrifaction, electric power, quality management, laws & Commerce, finance & economics, biomedicine, daily consumption and certificates translation, etc. More than 100 languages are involved in translation services of the company, including English, Japanese, French, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi (Urdu), etc.

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    Translation is a great career to be
    valued and recognized by society

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    Benefit our stakeholders
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    Make your words count globally
  • Organization

    LIYOU Translation attaches great importance to its organization establishment. A scientific and reasonable organization plays an important role in operating the company, expanding businesses, guaranteeing translation services, interacting with customers, cultivating translators and improving translation quality. The organization of LIYOU Translation includes market department, project department, human resources department, translation department (including engineering & technology translation group, laws & commercial translation group, finance & economics translation group, humanities & social science translation group, certificates translation group, interpreting group), proofreading department, typesetting department, corpus department, customer service department, administration department and financial department.

    Team Style

    A stable, dedicated and effective team is the fundamental base and most valuable wealth of the company for its future development. LIYOU Translation has always been focusing on its team building since its foundation to cope with increasing translation demands. A stable team with its own characteristics has been eventually established by the way of survival of the fittest. The team members of the company have both ability and morals, dedicated themselves to quality translation services. They all have high sense of identity for the company culture.

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